Recession Marketing Case Study Video: How Bill Warren Doubled His Business in the Bad Economy

By Jim Ackerman · Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

Hi all!  Boy, am I thrilled to present this video today.  My friend and client Bill Warren (who owns an awesome jewelry store in Husdson, NC) has DOUBLED his business over the past two years–despite the downturn in the economy!  I spent a few minutes interviewing him the other day, and now invite you to watch the video below.  He talks about how he’s leveraged his relationships with his current clients, created innovative new profit centers, and drummed up some good ol’ fashioned free publicity to grow his business while everyone else in his industry is really struggling.

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I just listened to your email regarding the Gold Mine in Hudson MC. Amazing here are two guys, you and me, in Utah, who know where the heck Hudson NC is, much less know the same retailer. I have shopped in his store several times. Great message!


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